I cant connect to my profilux via myghl.

i get the connection failed message - saying must have wifi firmware 6718.

I am running wifi firmware 6913 (which took a bit of trouble to get to).

System Firmware 7.16

GHL control center

Wifi Signal -60 dbm 5 green bars

connected as client, connected to myghl, file system ok, static ip address

connection via GHL Control Center works fine both via usb and lan.

connection via local static ip address works fine to the web page.

I upgraded the file system and website files and filesystem using the files included in the latest downloader. the wifi update didnt work until i used the wifi update tool in the folder with all the applications closed. The web update for the wifi firmware said it was successful - but the firmware version remained the same as from when i installed the unit a month ago (6890?)

Rebooting routers / switches / access points hasnt solved the issue.

I have rebooted the p4 multiple times as well - and it comes back up saying myghl connection is ok on the display.

Any ideas?