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Thread: MaxiSA Doser Isuues!

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    Default MaxiSA Doser Isuues!

    I have watched all of the YuoTube videos and tutorials. i HAVE gotten my MaxiSA doser to work before in the past on my past computer but I got a brand new HP Laptop with plenty o hard drive room to run this program.

    Let's start from the beginning. I bought one of your P4 Ulitmate Kits with a bunch of accessories, like float switches for my ATO, float switch brackets, sensors, and a ton more etc.
    I bought the Avast Marine ATO w/ the P4 IO Port cable that plugs right into the back of my P4!!! i haven't even hooked it up b/.c I waiting till I get my Sump from Synergy, so that's what I HAVE not tired to set up the P4 and any of the PAB bars.
    I Figured, I would buy the SA unit so I can start doing water changes asap and I will not have need use of a controller. I was able to log into my GHL control center but I can't figure out for the life of me how to calibrate the pumps or even priming them b.c I can't get the pumps to move. I have it hooked up throught USB to the Doser to my Laptop computer, like they say to do. When i CLICK the calibration the pump will light up RED but the motor will not spin. I just bought a brand new HP laptop and downloaded the correct firmware but I still can't get my doser to work,, the crazy part is the Maxi SA doser comes on when I go to calibrate it but the pump motors will not spin like I mentioned above. I mean I am in myGHL control center and i know I need to plug in the number for how much water I have storedand how much I want to dose adn the there is a calibration icon when I use to just hit it and the pump would spin for me.. I dont know what u am doing wrong and it is so fustrating...
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    Sounds like a hardware issue. When you push the buttons at the Doser itself to manually dose, does the pumps work?
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