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Thema: Dual sensor ATO error... won't restart.

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    Standard Dual sensor ATO error... won't restart.

    Hi all,

    So I am new to my P4 and doing a dual sensor ATO Min-Max Control that I set up following the GHL video. The situation is this:

    1. I have set my min and max mechanical sensors in my return section.
    2. When the water triggers the min-sensor the ATO opens and the solenoid and begins filling.
    3. After a "Maximum on-time" of 20min as set in the Control Circuit, the P4 closes the solenoid and the water stops. This is BEFORE the max-sensor is triggered - it would take roughly an hour of filling to trigger the max sensor.
    4. I have set the P4 to generate an error and then reset the error automatically.
    5. When the water level reached the min-sensor a second time, it did not trigger the solenoid to open and fill. I had to manually go in and reset it.

    Any idea why it didn't trigger the second time?

    OR do I have to exactly measure the time it takes to fill all the way to the max-sensor (roughly an hour as mentioned) so it doesn't generate the error in order to work continuously?

    Thanks for any insight!

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    If you estimate it would take 1 hour to fill from the bottom sensor to the top, then your current 20 min max on-time limit is just not long enough to allow the ATO task to complete.
    You need to make sure the Max on-time is set to a time limit that will allow your ATO task to complete, otherwise the alarm will be triggered and function will stop pre-maturely.

    SOLUTION: Set Max on-time to at least 1 hour, then save settings.



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