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Thema: Switched outlets confused

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    Standard Switched outlets confused

    So I did some cable management this weekend since I have switched over to LED from metal halide and removed the metal halide ballasts. This gave me more room and I rearranged 2 of my powerbar 5.1s. In the process i actually changed the order of the copper so that one of them went between two other 5.1s. This totally confused MyGHL which has no idea where anything is anymore. I logically thought that the bars were identified by serial number and that MyGHL wouldn't care where they were in the loop as long as they were there if identified to the system. I made sure everything is correct in GCC and everything is working. (my feed pause no longer shuts one of the pumps down though, not sure what that is about) Pumps that show as On, in MyGHL shows as off even though clicking into the device shows it set up as Always on. (And it is on) Switched positions 21, 22, 23, and 24 show as on and that device does not exist and these should be the settings shown for 16, 17, 18 and 19 but show off. (I have verified that the outlets are correctly identified) I just can't trust what MyGHL is saying now. Are there caches that need cleaned out? Maybe a refresh? Ideas?

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    If you can confirm that everything is running normally in GCC, then yes clear cache.


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