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Thema: P4 stuck at all Illumination channels

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    Standard P4 stuck at all Illumination channels

    Hi guys, did You ever encountered P4 stuck at all Illumination channels? I am usuing it for 5 months and Yesterday I had this Issue. I came back to home and - wow - why is so bright? It was looking like P4 stucked at some point of my light curve or like time stopped at some point. But time was correct. When I opened Illumination overview and activated "test light scenes", after moving slider left to right all was working fine. But when I disabled test light senes It came back to none of my Illumination channels was working according to scheduler. I had to reboot P4 and since that all is operating properly. I am asking here, because if it was not lighting but i.e: automatic refill, there could be a flood. If P4 can stuck/hang during work with my RO refill, than it is useless. I bought it only becasue it had to be realiable. I already had flood because of 5$ timer hanged after 6 months during refill. I spent more than 500$ to sleep safe and now I feel I can not.

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    To better assist you, we need more information.

    What light is the ProfiLux controlling? Is this light plugged into one or more powerbar outlets?
    What is the firmware version running on your P4?
    What version of GCC are you using?

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    Maybe you started maintenance (accidentally)?
    Are we talking about dimmable lights? What exactly?
    As Vinny said, without details we can't help here.

    If P4 can stuck/hang during work
    No, this does not happen (except ProfiLux is damaged, e.g. by water). For these "hanging problems" are controllers of other companies well known, but not the ProfiLux. ProfiLux is known to run rock solid.
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    I attached print screen:
    Bug profilux.jpg
    Instensity at this time (19:30) should be at around 18%, Color at 0%. As You can see Color is @54%, Intensity @60%.
    Light - Kessil 360WE
    GCC, firmware 7.17
    Geändert von premiero (20.11.2018 um 07:19 Uhr) Grund: My bad


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