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Thema: Oh GHL - I Love Your Products, But Your Blue Covers Are A Disease!

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    Ausrufezeichen Oh GHL - I Love Your Products, But Your Blue Covers Are A Disease!

    I have had your dosing pumps dating back to the off - What baffles me, you had a great product in reliability in the GHL Doser 1 - I had a 4 channel, and a 3 channel running for years and had to replace 1 pump over the course of maybe 5 years. There were no maintainable parts as such other than the pump that I am aware of.

    Why make it more costly for the user after forking out £1500 on a P4, KHD, Standalone Dosers etc..

    In a matter of 6 months I'm stripping the dosing heads down monthly at least to clear debris out to allow the head to work again. Very frustrating to say the least. It also punctured the tubing that took me a while to pick up on which began rusting the needle (I assume) inside.

    The make up of the pumps are the same as the Doser 1 other than the cover fixing and material which is causing by the sounds of it a lot of users the same problem..

    Is their now a suitable replacement we can purchase that are of a better standard? I don't want to purchase stock from elsewhere that is going to cause the same issue.


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    In the meanwhile we sell much more reliable covers for the Doser.
    We now use a new material which ran through a long-term test to achieve now extremely robust caps.
    If you buy them at our store, it's sure that you get covers made from the new material: https://store.aquariumcomputer.com/e...nance-set.html

    If you want to buy them elsewhere you can identify them following this instruction:
    How to identify new blue dosing pump head caps.pdf
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    When will these be available in the US store? The updated ones!

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    In about 2 weeks.



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