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Thema: Required components for Mitras Lightbar 2 on reef tank

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    Standard Required components for Mitras Lightbar 2 on reef tank


    what are the components I need for equiping my reef tank with Mitras lightbar 2? The tank is 160x70x70 cm.
    I have a lot of SPS Coral, so I think i need 3 150cm Lightbar units. What would you recommend?

    I'm thinking about the following components. Is this correct?
    1x Profilux Light controller
    1x Mitras-LB-Cable RJ45
    2x Lightbar 2 arctanic 150cm
    1x Lightbar 2 deep arctanic 150cm
    3x PSU 100 W
    1x LB-splitter

    What is the recommended installation height from the water surface?

    Is there a WiFi extension possible for the light controller?

    With regards,

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    Hello Vincent,

    3x Mitras Lightbar in the 150cm size is a good choice.

    With our Lightbars, you only need 1 power supply. This PSU is connected to the LB-splitter and must be large enough to power all 3 LBs. By doing the 150cm versions, you would have a total wattage draw of 295.5 watts which means you would need 1x PSU300.
    The rest of your list looks good!

    Since these LB are sealed against water, you can have these kept closer to the water. These can be positioned right onto the rim of the tank which make it only about 10cm away from the water.

    The ProfiLux Light controller does not have built-in WiFi. The connection option for this controller is through USB.



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