With the user experience of AI Hydra 26, AI prime HD, Radion XR15, XR30 and Kessil K360, I purchased the Mitras LX7206.

The most attracting point of LX7206 is the very dense LED cluster and 6 clusters in similar size of XR30. It can really bring the even distribution of lights, more close to T5.
But in my observation, Mitras LED is much less popular than the US competitors. It is really a pith. Such a high quality product is not recognized and appreciated by hobbies.

I think the major two factors is less exposure and high price. I would like to give some suggestion for next product.

-maybe have the light version of LX7206
1. remove LCD and touch panel, maybe a few button like XR15/30, or even like AI lights, only have reset
2. optimize GHL connect APP, improve user experience
3. shrink color channel, maybe remove sky white, 7-8 channel should be enough for color mixture
4. replace expensive uC with cheaper, but function sufficient one
5. replace expensive LED driver IC, 1:3000 is really make not so much difference during ramping up/down

Really appreciate you designed such good product. Wish all best to GHL.