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Thema: GHL Control Center and new firmware

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    No problems.

    Just make sure you create a backup copy of your P4 settings and sensor settings.

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    I guess this is a forum thread for issues related with the new GCC and P4 firmware 7.16.
    Here is what i am experiencing as issues:
    1. When i open a dosing pump configuration even that no changes were made i am always warned that i have unsaved changes when i try to exit the window. The message is also strange saying that i have unsaved changes in the P4 WiFi.
    2. I Constantly get Communication error message with error code 28. This was not the case in the previous GCC version.
    3. The salinity probe is unstable. Last night it was reading 3mS (0.991 kg/l) and it took half an hour to return back to its normal operation. Imminently after i received this reading i checked the sensor for air bubbles and/or something else but everything was fine with it.
    4. It is impossible to Save measurement data when connected to P4 via WiFi. Error 28 blocks the export every time.
    And one suggestion because i have a flow sensor in my system and during feed mode the main circulation pump is off.
    I really like the feature to disable flow sensor alarms during feed mode but you need to add some kind of a delay after the feed mode is over. As soon as the feed mode is over i get flow sensor error imminently because my return pump can't gain speed so fast. If this delay can be user setting it will be great.
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