GHL Connect allows you to monitor and configure your ProfiLux 3, ProfiLux 4, Mitras LX7, Doser 2 or Doser Maxi with your smart phone or tablet in a very easy and comfortable manner.
Connect to your device from anywhere in the world, within your local network our directly in access point mode. GHL Connect does connect directly with the device, it does not need external ressources or an internet connection if used locally.
GHL connect helps you to check current states, alarms and activities and allows you to edit most settings and to start special actions like manual dosing, water change, thunderstorms and much more.

Minimum requirements:
ProfiLux 4: Firmware V7.08, WiFi-Module Firmware V6741
ProfiLux 3: Firmware V6.29
Doser 2: Firmware V1.24
Doser Maxi: Firmware V1.25
Mitras LX 7 : Firmware V1.07, WiFi-Module Firmware V6741

The current firmware versions for ProfiLux, Mitras and Doser are part of each GHL Control Center installation and the
latest WiFi-firmware including the Webinterface are available from WiFi-Update-Tool-package.
- Download for GHL Control Center
- Download for WiFi-Update-Tool