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Thema: Replacement Powerbar 5.1 Failure - 5th socket will not turn on

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    Standard Replacement Powerbar 5.1 Failure - 5th socket will not turn on

    After waiting two months I finally received a replacement PowerBar 5.1 under warranty for my PowerBar which developed a fault in socket S5 after just a few months use. Refer thread: https://forum.aquariumcomputer.com/s...l-not-turn-off

    I connected the new PowerBar to my Profilux4 via the PAB Cable and assigned it to the P4 as per the manual, then temporarily plugged everything in and it all seemed to work fine. After about 10 mins testing, I shut the whole system down and unplugged everything to place this PowerBar into its final position in the aquarium cabinet. I then re-plugged everything in and turned back on, however the S5 socket will not turn on at all. A GHL Doser 2.1 was the device plugged into the S5 socket at the time.

    This is the same socket (S5) which has now failed on two PowerBars, with the first PowerBar's S5 locked permanently ON, and this replacement PowerBar's S5 locked permanently OFF.

    I have re-flashed the firmware on the PowerBar but this has not fixed the problem. All the other sockets work fine.

    PLEASE help me fix this problem without having to send the unit back again. I can't wait another two months to get yet another replacement, and sending each faulty PowerBar back costs me EUR50 which is a lot of money wasted. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem??? Or can I get it repaired locally by a qualified technician under warranty so I don't have to send it back yet again?

    Thank you.

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    The PB socket #5 worked initially in the first power, and it did also in the second PB you got as a free replacement.

    Both #5 sockets died at your place during usage

    what does this tell us?

    The socket #5 was overloaded. It is rated with 2A. Even if the constant current of the device is < 2A it is possible that the initial current is too high.
    A too high inrush current will destroy socket #5, this dimmable socket has MOSFETS in opposite to #1 - #4, they have relays which can stand high inrush currents.

    We see this problem when a cheap power supply is used, mostly far east products, or a electronic ballast.

    -> bottomline:
    this can't be solved over the forum, please contact the GHL service
    No support or warranty issues over PM! Please send PMs to the moderators only if you have general problems with using the forum! Thanks for helping us to keep the support efficient.
    Kein Support oder Reklamationsabwicklung über PM! Bitte senden Sie an die Moderatoren nur PMs bei allgemeinen Problemen mit der Verwendung des Forums! Danke dass Sie uns dabei helfen, den Support effektiv zu gestalten.


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