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    Standard Bugs and suggestions

    Hello GHL and folks

    After using some time on the GHL Control centre I found a couple of spelling errors and a couple of "bugs"
    I also have a suggestion or two...

    These bugs is not version specific, as they existed in the two previous versions as well.

    First and foremost, when the GCC open the tip of the day text gets crippled as I click the next button

    when first opened it looks like this :
    Tip of the day first.jpg

    And then, after clicking the next button :
    Tip of the day crippled.jpg

    Then there is something with the colour selections, both in the sensor setting and in the light composer

    Temperature :
    Sensor Color Bug - Temp.jpg

    Sensor Color Bug - Temp.jpg

    Same thing with PH and probably conductivity as well.

    I'll continue below, as I can only attach five pics pr. post
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