I am planning a profilux setup in my new tank. The plan is to have an automatic Water change (AWC) system. The plan is to have the maxi pump for the awc, to pump it from the garage into the sump. This would mean that the maxi pump is a significant distance from the tank and it would be preferable to have the maxi attached to the profilux 4. However I think I’m correct in thinking that If run as a slave unit the level sensors are then disabled?

Would it be better to run as a stand-alone unit? As then I would be able to use float switches at the AWC station in the garage.

Additionally I use a completely separate ATO system (osmolator). I am concerned that if the maxi is used as a stand-alone unit then during the water change, the ATO system will kick in and start adding fresh water. Is there any way to avoid this? Any thoughts or systems that you have implemented?

Many thanks for the help