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Thema: Dose less at night with automatic schedule

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    Idee Dose less at night with automatic schedule


    It could be useful to add an option to dose less or not dose at night with automatic schedule.
    With KH Director, i see KH is high at morning and low at night.
    I dose 24 per day.

    (We can't use individual dosing because of 8 doses limit)

    Another solution could be to remplace "always dose at that time" by "start schedule at" and "end schedule at".
    Then we could set 06:00 for start, 00:00 for end, and set 18 to "dosages per day", like this we not dose at night.

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    Nobody interested?

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    I know this is an old thread but I'd like to revive it because I agree that this functionality makes sense, especially for Carbonate dosing.

    I have recently installed a Doser 2.1 (connected to a P4) and find it an excellent piece of equipment. However I was surprised that the above functionality is not available.

    Before I installed my GHL equipment I had another model of doser. I tested KH manually regularly over a period of several months and observed that the KH would go up during the night (lights out) and go down during the light period, sometimes by as much as 0.5dKH (I was dosing Carbonate 24 hours a day). So I changed my previous doser settings to dose Carbonate between 14.00 (two hours after lights start ramping up) to 02.00 (two hours after lights out) and the doser would automatically spread the number of doses I programmed over that time period. After I made this change the KH variance disappeared and the KH was basically the same at the end of the light period as it was before the light period started.

    I think that the functionality of being able to program the automatic schedule with start and end times would be very useful... and it shouldn't be that hard to implement?

    Would this have negative consequences when using the KH Director? Don't really see why...

    Or at least don't limit the number of manual dosings per day to 8 (though using the automatic schedule would be much easier to program).

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    Totally agree. Fantastic doser. The only thing is the manual dosing option of only 8 doses. We need to be able to pick up to 150 dose times just like in the automatic setting.

    It would also be nice to have the option to pick start and end times for doses.

    The automatic 150 doses/per day is calculated in a 24 hour period correct? How exactly does this work? At what frequency does it drop the doses (see my recent thread).


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