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Thema: Seting up an reef project!

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    Standard Seting up an reef project!

    Hello !!!!!!

    I'm completely new to GHL products and I would do like to share with you the aspects of my project and get some feedback.

    Next, you will find the items that I have already purchased ...

    4 x Kessil A360W w/ smart controller.
    2 x Ecotech Marine MP40.
    1 x Ecotech Marine Vectra L1.
    1 x NYOS Protein Skimmer 220.
    1 x Vertex Carbon Rector.
    1 x Milwaukee MC125 pH-ORP Controller CO2 Monitor > I guess I won't need it once choosing GHL Profilux, right? <
    1 x ISTA Professional C02 Set - 1L.

    Lots of reef keepers here in Brazil has been using Aplex for several years but I have got no much experience to tell which
    pro and coms existed between them and which GHL products should I get to run perfectly with the items described above?

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!
    Thank you very much and have a great reef!

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    Hello Felipe,

    Any of our ProfiLux 4 sets would be suitable for your aquarium. You can choose from either the Mega set or Ultimate Set.

    Mega set includes: P4 controller, probes (temp, pH, redox, conductivity), calibration fluids, powerbar5.1

    Ultimate set includes the above plus a ProfiLux Touch display. The Touch display adds another point of access to the ProfiLux controller. It provides users with probe data, illumination data, and shortcut keys, all which can be accessed at any time.

    In addition to a ProfiLux 4 set, I recommend looking at our GHL Vortech Controller. This accessory will allow your vortech pumps to be wirelessly controlled by the P4.


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