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Thema: Push notifications with GHL Connect

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    Standard Push notifications with GHL Connect

    Is it any plans of implementing push notifictions / alarms in the GHL Connect app?

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    That is a very good idea

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    Alarms will be implemented in the next app version.
    Push notifications will take us some more work, but they will come also.
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    Has this been implemented? It would be very useful to know whether there is going to be a notification system on connect for iPhone/android. Currently there is little information on the web about how the actual notification/alarm system works on the GHL connect or profilux 4. From what i understand you can see alarms when you manually log into the app, you can check the app and get readouts of the various probes. However this is of little use if you're busy and don't have the time to check the app constantly through the day. If the temperature is outside of normal range, salinity is drifting, power consumption of a pump has drastically dropped off etc. the best way in which profilux would help is if it can notify me immediately (assuming good internet connection and power supply). (I'm aware of the SMS module re. power outage- a very good idea from GHL).

    Is there a plan to implement this, when it it likely to be released and what form will it take.


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    As mentioned earlier, the feature is in the pipeline.

    If you want to have immediate notifications for the scenarios you pointed out (temp alarm, salinity change, etc), you can use our existing email/text notification feature within GCC. The moment a value goes outside of the acceptable range, you can have the P4 send you an email or text message notifying you of the change.


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