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Thema: What is GHL response to Apex Trident?

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    Standard What is GHL response to Apex Trident?

    As already mentioned in the post title, I would like to know if GHL is having something similar in the pipeline. Sorry if the topic was already debated somewhere else, so far I couldn't find any topic started on this.
    Don't get me wrong, so far I love my Profilux 4 (besides that from time to time the GHL Connect just don't connects)....but I would really love to get rid of Alk, Ca and Mg testing.
    Yes, I know there is already the KH director available, but even if there would be a similar boxes for Ca and Mg, price wise, give me a break. Today, KH director + a Doser 2.1 Slave is 800EUR only. While Neptune systems already announced a price range between 500 and 600 USD.
    So, coming back to the initial question....is there GHL having something in development and tests, or not? Any details? Would be separate devices like KH director? Will we need in total 3 Doser units?

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    ye +1, me interest this to, now i use Profilux 4 FULL +KH Director, need Mg and Ca

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    And how long has trident been in the pipeline? Ghl got alk now and I think it will be som ca probe news very soon

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    Neptune Apex has dropped the ball on the Trident. There have been continuous delays in production and rework/redesign of basically the entire system several time over. They are also having trouble getting reagent to last without going bad. I doubt we will see it come to the market anytime in 2019 even despite their original expected release date of over a year ago now. I would like to note that there was a recent Apex Live Stream recently where Terrance mentioned that they are still working on the Trident and still have not even gotten them out to the Neptune Insiders (beta testers). It was originally announced back in 2017 and judging from previous Neptune Insiders timeframes, even if it was released to them tomorrow, it would not be to the public until the end of next year.

    My personal opinion is that the system is over rated. Testing mag and cal multiple times a day seems almost pointless at the rate that we use up those two. When it comes to the testing methods they are using, from what I have read so far is the methods they are using is not as accurate or as dependable as other alk monitors out there. My assumption and a reflection on that statement is also why they haven't and do not plan on pairing the Trident with a software update to auto adjust dosing according to results. Please also remember that "the best deal" does not just reflect more product for less money. Quite often more is not better and I have a feeling that this is one of those cases.

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    Hi Torxfragtank,

    thank you for your thoughts. This is not the first time I hear similar opinions / observations like yours, we will see. Announcing is one thing, delivering a completely different thing.

    Talking about "announcing": Yes, it was quite silent in the past about Ca and ProfiLux.
    We learned from our mistakes in the past. Announcements too early (and optimistic), making people upset with delays, at the end we were heavily under pressure and the customers were **********.

    So much at the moment about Ca: I am working on it. Still not satisfied with costs and life span. Ca will be the major topic for me to work on 2019.
    Of course besides all the other things you are all waiting for, we didn't forget them - just not enough time / man power!
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