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Thema: Help on Programming Logic for Skimmer and GYR

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    Standard Help on Programming Logic for Skimmer and GYR

    Could someone please help me to program the following:

    Skimmer: turn-off when float switch 3 triggers, delay 300 seconds after any trigger event or power offf, turn off when maintenance mode activated,

    GYR pump: delay 300 seconds for power off or when maintenance mode is activated.


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    Hello Nihard.

    I'm still fairly new to the Profilux4 and using Programmable Logic so this may not be the 'best' way to do what you want, but here's how I have my system doing the things as you ask. I hope this helps.

    SKIMMER Turn Off When Float Switch Activated
    - set up a new Level Control Circuit as AutoTopOff, AlwaysActive and enter the appropriate number float sensor. Tick the ResetErrorAutomatically option so it resets after each cycle.
    - set up a new ProgLogic gateway and change Input1 to FillWater(ATOonly) and choose the Level Control Circuit number just created. Next, change Function to DelayedOn and then in the newly-appeared Time box enter your 300 seconds.
    - go to Switch Channels and open the Channel (socket) connected to the Skimmer. Change it to ProgrammableLogic and select the number of the ProgLogic gateway you just set up. Save.

    SKIMMER and GYRE Delay After Power Off
    - Using the same skimmer Switch Channel window that you just changed to ProgLogic above, enter your delay time in the Blackout-Delay box in minutes and Save.
    - Open the Switch Channel window corresponding to your Gyre pump and enter its time delay in the same way. Save.

    SKIMMER and GYRE Off in Maintenance Mode
    - Go to Extras and open an unused Maintenance screen. Check the boxes which correspond to the Skimmer and Gyre sockets and ensure their State is Off. Scroll down and enter a time for how long the maintenance should run and Save.
    - Each time you initiate this Maintenance Mode the Skimmer and Gyre sockets will then remain powered off for the time duration of the mode.

    If you want the Skimmer to be off for a different amount of time to the Gyre, set up different Maintenance Modes for each and set the required time for each, then run both Maintenance modes together (you have to start them both individually - I have not found a way to initiate them both from the one action.) I use three maintenance modes like this when coral feeding and start them all at the same time - my gyre wavemaker stays off for 30mins, the return pump for 40mins and the skimmer for 1.5hrs.

    Please post if this does not work as I may have missed something...
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