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Thema: Doser error code 50 , 28 Wifi issues.

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    Standard Doser error code 50 , 28 Wifi issues.

    Purchased Doser 2.1 standalone Install is a problem all weekend...

    GHL is now blinking yellow.. over the weekend here is the final result.. I spent the weekend .. installing, deleting and reinstalling all the software.. to those of you that have windows 7 you will have an issue upgrading the firmware. My issue.
    GHL unit does not work with either my windows 7 or windows 10 computers. I can control it through them with the GHL control center software program ONLY to the extent through the USB.. when i try to control it through the pc without the usb attached and through the LAN or WIFI i can control the stirrer but not the doser pumps.. I get a return of ERROR 50 or ERROR 28 .

    My static ip address is good. I pinged it and it came back. I see it in the router so that is good. WIFI was constantly dropping out of the unit. it would lose the signal even though only 50 feet away and other wifi devices in the room had full signal.

    Help please..

    Also., uniti is blinking Yellow not solid Blue

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    I spent the weekend .. installing, deleting and reinstalling all the software
    not necessary, not useful. install GCC (newest version) once, that's it

    to the blinking codes: see corresponding doc in our download section or FAQs

    if you have WiFi connection problems with GHL Control Center: use the newest version 1113

    firmware updates: is this solved now?
    if not, please refer to the other posts about this topic or open a new thread
    No support or warranty issues over PM! Please send PMs to the moderators only if you have general problems with using the forum! Thanks for helping us to keep the support efficient.
    Kein Support oder Reklamationsabwicklung über PM! Bitte senden Sie an die Moderatoren nur PMs bei allgemeinen Problemen mit der Verwendung des Forums! Danke dass Sie uns dabei helfen, den Support effektiv zu gestalten.


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