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Thread: Mitras Lightbar 2 Channel Issue

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    Default Mitras Lightbar 2 Channel Issue

    The Mitras channels for the light bar do not work above the defualt channels that are assigned in the Light Composer. No matter what you do you must use channels 1-10. My Issue is I had my Simulation Sick also using 1-4. No mater what you do in the light composer to set the channels, and then come to the assign the channels in the mitras config if you do not choose channels 1-10 the lights will not work. The only way I could get them to work is use channels 1-10. (Are we only suppose to use channel 1-10?)



    It did not matter that within light composer I set light source channels to 15-25 and had them match the Mitras Channels the lights would just turn on with a nice 4 yellow LED configuration.

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    You can assign any channel you want and it still works.

    I did this:

    1. Added an offset of 10 for all assigned light channels in the light composer (means 1 -> 11, 2 -> 12, etc.)

    2. did the same in the Mitras Lightbar settings

    3. transmitted channels and saved all

    -> you can test this with the light composer: edit illumination point, enable "direct output", move the sliders and see that the channels react as expected

    BUT: I would recommend to stay with the standard channels since all default light composer projects (and the LCP project wizard, which you need since you have 2 different Mitras types) use the standard configuration

    in your case it might be easier to use 11-14 for Simu, change the L-ports for it
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