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Thema: Upgrade time... again!

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    Standard Upgrade time... again!

    I have just upgraded to GCC v1111. I ugraded the WIFI to 6589 and that is working. Fantastic so far and my most successful upgrade to date :-) I do have an issue though... the front page of GCC says New Firmware abailable - I am on 7.08.

    OK, I watched the video and tried to follow the steps. First issue is it says it will find the latest version - it doesn't, it offers me a search box. OK, I navigate to v1111>Firmware>Profilux 4. This shows me 3 versions, 7.08 (that I have) and versions 710 and 711.

    No matter which one I choose it says it is unsuitable! So what do I do?



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    Hi John,

    I have not been able to replicate that issue on my side. Can you please try the update with an earlier version of GCC?
    When you get to the step where you select the FW file to load, navigate to the GCC V1111 folder and select the 7.11 FW file.


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