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Thread: JMB lightbars versus Profilux 4

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    Default JMB lightbars versus Profilux 4


    I have bought the Profilux4 ultimate set.
    I also have bought 2 x "JMB Aqua led" light bar.
    because the led bar can be dimmed by PWM I also bought the Profilux LEDControl4 V2.00.

    Now I encounter 2 Problems:

    1 Dimming the ledbar

    I have connected the + of the led bar to connector 1, the GND to connector 6 and PWM can be connected to 2, 3,4 or 6
    I also have connected the power adaptor wich was delivered with the led bar to the power connector of the LEDControl4.
    The Ledcontrol is connected to the Profilux4 to L1L2 and L3L4.

    The leds on the ledbar are at 100% and I can not dim them.
    Does someone have an idee to let them work?

    2. Connect with PC software to the Profilux4

    I have configured by USB cable the Profilux4 to connect to the WIFI router.
    The Profilux4 is in connection withe the WIFI router but I con not connect with a PC or a tablet to the Profilux4
    I can connect and program the profilux 4 by the internet (
    As routers I use multiple Apple Airport Extreme to cover the whole house.
    The PC is a windows 10 Pro and all tablets/phones are Apple.

    What can be the problem?

    Kind regards


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