Please read the following notes first so that the update of your device is quick and successful.

If you still have problems with the update despite all the hints, please create a new thread in this forum area.
Describe the problem as much as possible and upload relevant screenshots.

Notes on device update (firmware for device):

  • Before updating you should always save all settings and sensor settings. Then it is possible to quickly restore all settings later if the update required a factory reset.
  • Updates are always started via GHL Control Center.
  • The update works even if GHL Control Center is running on a Mac, e.g. by Bootcamp or Parallels.
  • Follow exactly the instructions of the update wizard, read the messages carefully.
  • Some updates require a special USB update driver, which is usually installed when installing GCC. Check during the update if the driver has been loaded correctly and check the set COM port.
  • If the update via GCC fails, there is always the possibility to use an emergency update tool, even if the device has lost the firmware.
  • Reload settings after the update if the factory reset has been carried out.

Notes on the WiFi update (firmware for Wifi module):

  • The update basically takes place via the web interface of the device.
  • If the web interface can not be reached or if the update via the web interface has failed, you can still carry out the update via the WiFi firmware update tool.

Basic information:

  • Instructions, tools, firmware and software can be found on the download page.
  • The update of many devices as well as the manual installation of drivers (if necessary) is also shown in detail in our videos.