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Thema: checking / calibrating temp+erature probe.

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    Standard checking / calibrating temp+erature probe.

    I tested my GHL temperatur probe in ice water to check its accuracy.
    Its the probe that comes with profilux4.

    Can it also be checked in boiling water ? /(without beeing damaged ? )
    It would be nice to check it a two points.

    Or does anyone have a suggestions on how to make a other temperature referenceses than 0°C and 100°C.

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    Please do not put the probe in boiling water. Exposing the probe to boiling or near-boiling temperatures is a sure way to damage the probe.

    Our temperature probes are already calibrated and do not need to be adjusted any further. Should you strongly feel the need to adjust the calibration values, you have the option to do so through the Temperature settings page in GCC. Just be sure to write down both ADC values before you make any adjustments. These values can be re-entered if you later wish to restore factory calibration to the probe.

    If you have another temperature probe you really trust, you can use that as a temperature reference point.


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