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Thema: Profilux Compatible Return Pumps (high flow)

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    Standard Profilux Compatible Return Pumps (high flow)

    Im looking for a proper 0-10V controllable return pump. I purchased two Jebao Pumps (DCP), but those are not possible to be controlled by 0-10V anymore.

    I know Red Dragon exists, but its quite a price, and I'm looking for a pump that can handle high head pressure (sump in cellar).

    So any ideas here of pumps that can be fully controlled by P4, that can lift at least 4 meters @ 25mm return tubes (as the flow meter is 25mm thats the thinnest part of my return) and using a manifold, so looking for a pump that can do at least 10000-15000 l/h @ 4-5 meters. (that gives a bit slack of manifold etc) that CAN be controlled by 0-10V

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    AquaMedic DC Runner pumps work good with ProfiLux and they are not very expensive. If you like you can even buy pre-configured cables here http://shop.aquarienkontor.de/produc...oducts_id=1915

    I don't have mine for very long, but I find it quite loud. They have a relatively high pitch whine. But then I also haven't really given my pump enough time to sttle down and vibration isolation could be better (all hard plumbing).

    However, they only go up to 9.000l/h so a little outside of your range.

    PS: I also went for the 1-10V control because I thought I need it. But the truth is, so far I have only set the speed with the pendant. A full control loop ought to be possible I guess, but outsite of what I can do with my small setup. (Measuring flow rates or water levels in the overflow)
    And if I change pump rates, I disturb my overflow. I found the need wasn't really there.
    But I suppose you have thought about the need of pump control via ProfiLux.
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    An AquaBee pump would be a possibility. Instructions for the connection can be found in the appendix, but only in german. But you can use Google Translation

    Anschlussanleitung Aquabee 1-10V an Profilux.pdf

    Regards Pit


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