I do not own a Profilux at this time and this is the main reason. Sure I tried to get support for the issue but the guidance I got at the time did not work for my application so I went back to my old controller.
Most of the Profilux is easy and straight forward enough to live with.
Can a new function be created allowing each level sensor to simply pick from a check list things someone might want to shut off. For example if I have a low level sensor in my sump I want to shut off my main pump, skimmer, sump circulation pump, doser, heater and whatever else I have in there to prevent damage.
To acheive one or even 2 of these things is I am sure easy enough for people in the GHL world but wouldn't a check list like other areas of the Profilux make it a much better experience for newbies to controllers and those like myself wanting to switch from a less reliable product to a more reliable product but get too ********** with how a few things work to bother?
Thank you for your consideration,