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Thread: Help! My Lightbar stopped working!

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    Default Help! My Lightbar stopped working!


    My 2 years old Mitras Lightbar suddenly stopped working - it just doesn't produce any light anymore. My setup consists of a single 150 cm Daylight lightbar, a 100 W Power Supply Unit, and the LB splitter, controlled with Profilux 3.1T ex.

    Additional complication is that there are no GHL distributors in my country, so I must rely on mail order companies - I should act as quickly as possible to get replacements in reasonable time.

    My immediate question to the tech support (and to the forum mebers) is how do I determine which part of my setup has failed and should be replaced?
    My first suspect is the Power Supply Unit, however it does produce a buzzing sound when connected to mains power, and I could also measure some voltage with multimeter on the outgoing cables leading to the lightbar. Profilux controller apparently did not detect any problems and seems to think that the lights are working.

    So, what tests could I do to see which part is broken so I won't need to order the full setup again? Is there anything I could try to do to fix the situation?


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    Hello Marko,

    If you're getting a voltage reading from the PSU then it is working. I suggest testing the Lightbar to see if there is any power coming from it. That should tell you whether the LB needs replacing or not. The LB-splitter is unlikely to go bad all of a sudden, especially if all the protective caps remained on the unused ports. One way to test this is to plug the LB into another socket on the splitter. You can also test to see if you are getting a voltage reading from the socket where you have the LB connected to.

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