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Thema: Configuring the WiFi module

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    I'm puzzled...

    After updating via IP:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/update,
    first firmware.bin succesfully and then spiffs.bin unsuccesfully
    the webserver page is plain blank ?

    Now I backgraded to the WIFI firmware to the firmware and spiffs.bin's from the 1.06 release, it's working with the n/a on the webserver page

    Looking forward to the next release
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    Hello Brock,

    for proper sending of mails, it is necessary to set the correct ip addresses for both
    gateway and dns server.
    You can also try Google's dns servers or and test again sending a mail.

    Regarding your issue with the false positive virus detection, we tested it beside our local
    virus scanners also on virustotal online scanner, that uses the most popular virus scanners
    and did not find any suspicious marks in the used files.
    What virus scanner do you use?
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    Hello Matthias

    I am using avast antivirus and it didn't react on the GCC 1.06 version, I bypassed avast and then I could install the GCC 1.08 in order to extract the firmware.bin and the spiffs.bin.

    I ended up using the 1.08 firmware.bin and then the 1.06 spiffs.bin as the 1.08 spiffs.bin failed consequently

    And the only way I can get the mail up and running is using WIFI in DHCP mode, then it works with both my ISP's smtp server and if I use my router's IP adr. as well.

    I did try with a static IP and the DNS servers you suggest, it didn't work.

    I also saw your post looking for beta testers on the wifi so I applied, I'd be delighted to test for you guys, as I allready love the P4 box
    ( I just moved from Neptune Systems Apex )

    Have a nice day, Brock
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