Configuring WiFi on LX7

# Initial setup with GHL Control Center and USB
* In GCC->Menu->Communication, you can enter the relevant WiFi-mode (in most cases this is Client-mode/Infrastructure).
* After filling out the credentials SSID/Passphrase of the router the settings can be saved.
* After disconnecting the connection in GCC, the data will be transmitted to the LX7 and the module will restart.
* Under some circumstances, it can be necessary to restart the LX7.

## Reading configuration file from internal storage
* setting up WiFi-AP/STA with DHCP or static-IP according to stored settings
* on failure: offering 120 seconds WPS-PushButton possibility

## WPS (PushButton method)
* active for 120 seconds after error while establishing WiFi correctly.
* retrieving WiFi-credentials from homenetwork-router with PushButton-method
* only for STA-mode

## AP-mode fail-safe
* active for 120 seconds after failing setting up WPS
* setting up WiFi with default credentials and IP address
* SSID (case-sensitive): GHLdev-(MAC[3-5])
* Passphrase (case-sensitive): Starfish
* AccessPoint-IP-Adresse:

## AccessPoint+Standalone mode
* user configurable via GHL Control Center or WebInterface from WiFi-module-WebServer

## Disabling WiFi
* via GHL Control Center under Communication, check the option 'WiFi Off'.
* an unconfigured module without stored data, will be shutdown after four minutes.

These configuration methods are under steady development and get more extensions in the future, in order to achieve best user experience. A new firmware version for the WiFi-module is already in development and is likely to be released at the end of the year.