I'm likely going to get a Profilux 4 when it comes out but I just want to make sure this is a correct setup.

- Profilux 4 and Doser 2.1 (connected with PAB)
- 4 probes - is there a probe holder you recommend? I'm using a rubbermaid Stock tank with somewhat irregular sides.
- Powerbar #1 (connected with PAB)- Skimmer (2 outlets), heaters (2 outlets), ATO
- Leakage Interface and Leakage Sensor #1 (How long is the cable for the interface and/or to the sensor?)

Upstairs by display:
- Powerbar #2 (connected with PAB to Powerbar #1) - T5 lights, Kessils
- Leakage Sensor #2 (??? Is the sensor cable long enough for me to connect to the Leakage Interface in the basement? I can position the Interface as close as 1-2m from the upstairs floor I think)
- consider Profilux Touch for upstairs through PAB to Powerbar #2.

Am I thinking about this correctly?