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Thema: Flow sensor

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    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation.

    I will redesign my return pumps piping and will use 25mm instead of 20mm. I will purchase a 9000 l/h sensor for this and will try to avoid using 90 degree bends but will use 45 degree bends instead.

    After some redesign I have now a flow of 1360 l/h throughput inclusive the cooler with the Jecod pump. This should be sufficient.

    I doubt if it's widely known that 90 degree bends will cause so much performance loss, it's something that isn't mentioned in the aquarium shop.

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    I bought a new pump today: Jecod DCS-7000

    Q-max: 7200 l/h
    H-max: 4.5 m

    I connected it to the flow sensor and to a small piece of tubing.
    The flow sensor measures a max flow of 2160 l/h. I would expect that it should go out of the measure range of the sensor (5000 l/h).
    I can't believe that the pump would lose approximately 5000 l/h on such a small tubing.
    I will buy a second flow sensor so I can compare them. I really think the flow sensor is incorrect.
    The Jebao/Jecod pumps have very weak motors, and have a significant flow loss at even the slightest restrictions.
    It is frequently that I see those pumps under-perform by 50-75% of rated flow numbers if not the largest hose is used, and any kind of elbows or restrictions are built into plumbing.

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    There is also a big factor to remember as well with the flow meters from GHL - they also have an internal dimension and you don't want this smaller than your own pipe (irrelevant of flow specifications) as if your restricting the flow going through the meter this will only add to your issues... I use a 9000 to measure my 500 litre requirements at its the same size internal dimensions as my pipe.

    I was running 2x 12000 Jeabo and couldn't work out why my flow was restricting even after redesigning my 32mm pipe for max efficiency it was the flow sensor causing all the issues (I wish here GHL would add just one more sensor for bigger tank users with 32mm connection )

    I recently had to change my tank to a smaller red sea reefer 525 and I have my flow sensors on my return line, I've used my vectra l1 and it would only show 3.5K at 100%, I knew with pipe restrictions 25mm instead of 32 I would loose head pressure but there was a pre fabricated part the significantly reduced the flow back into the tank casing the issue, so I redesigned this so I can acquire the turnover I wanted within the tank.
    Restricted area below - red sea what you thinking look at the 90% reduction wtf
    Anhang 8452
    Yes, the RS return elbow/nozzle is quite restrictive. I have a Reefer 450 - same part.
    As for the "small" size of the flow meter, you can always run it in a bypass loop, which will calculate the flow based on a percentage of the flow going past the sensor.
    Please see the following post for more info:

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