ProfiLux 3.1T; FW 6.26; S/N: 1605111020
GCC 1.0.84
Lightbar daylight 90cm
LB Splitter
Profilux controller communication cable

What I did:

1. System -> SERIAL -> Function: Mitras Lightbar
2. Illumination -> Light Composer -> Load Mitras Lightbar Daylight
3. Mitras Lightbar is checked in Illumination -> Mitras Lightbar
4. Saved to profilux

Illumination channels are properly setup (checked in the Illumination 1,2,3,5,6

Doesn't work!!!

Tried to use manual illumination to check: Illumination -> Light Scenarions -> Activate Manual illumination
- the profilux controller shows manual control active but nothing happens when I switch to 0% , 25%, etc.