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Thema: Is this possible with the Profilux?

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    Standard Is this possible with the Profilux?

    Hi all,

    I posted this over on UR and it was suggested that I post this here.

    I have a newly set up 150ltr system and need to get it as automated as possible and make it bomb proof!

    I thought I'd already done a fairly good job on the automation side. All my lights are on timers, my temp is controlled by a DIY stc1000 and I bought an ATO to take care of evapouration.

    I then went to work 8000 miles away for 25 days and left my wife to deal with the task of changing the ATO reseviour every 7-10 days or so.

    The tank has no inhabitants baring a teddy bear crab hitchhiker, relegated to the sump. So no real other maintance worries to contend with.

    Oh how wrong can you be! Three days after I left the ATO decided to empty its reseviour contents into the tank. Luckily the reseviour was half empty and only about 12ltrs was deposited into the tank. With no real inhabitants except some LR and our little hitchhiker no real damage done. Well, no, not really. This system is cobbled together from several systems I've had over the years and as such the sump isn't really big enough. If the return pump fails the subsequent drain back into the sump leaves me with 10mm of spare overflow capacity. Not a problem if it all works but no real margin for error. So, the sump overflowed and flooded the Cabernet and the kitchen floor! Great! Well done Tom. Not so fool proof after all.

    So, on to plan B. While I'm away I've had a considerable amount of time to do some thinking and a lot of research into aquarium automation and control. My job pays me for what I can do not what I do do. He he, do do! Sorry. So sitting around on the Internet all day is pretty much all I do.

    From my hours of research I found at there are really only two contenders for aquarium controllers at the moment. Apex or GHL Profilux. So a lot of reading threads with people fighting quite passionately at times over which on is best I came to the conclusion that the GHL Profilux has the edge. Sorry for those die hard Apex fans but the modular system requires too much space and GHL kit is bomb proof, one of my requirements. Additionally the Apex doser has only 2 dosing heads while the GHL doser has up to 4 for much the same price. I've heard Apex software leaves GHL for dust but I've looked at both and the GHL doesn't look at all hard. One of the other requirements was that it be controllerble from anywhere in the world.

    So, what's the point of this post? To see if what I'm planning is possible and wether it's wise.

    ATO - child's play for the Profilux. Planning on using the optical level senser and one channel of the dosing pump.

    Balling - also child's play for the Profilux. Again using the doser. I'm not sure wether to use Balling classic or light.

    With Balling light it requires 10% weekly water changes which would be good practice anyway.

    I would like to automate water changes, preferably daily/constantly. Are water changes possible without level sensors just using a set amount to dose in and out each time? As I have so little room in my sump i would ideally like to have the new salt water and tank water pumped in and out at the same time to maintain the sump level. Im assuming you could inhibit the ATO while this was happening to take account of any fluctuations in water level.

    Can one adjust sg at the same time using the conductivity probe and subsidising either RO water for water changes or salt water for ATO?

    If I can do all the above I will be very happy as hopefully the wife will be very pleased not to be cleaning up water from the kitchen floor.

    Cheers to anyone who feels that can help.


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    South Florida


    You won't be disappointed with GHL over the other brands.
    It takes a little bit of getting used to once you start playing with it.
    But overall I don't think you will find too many things Profilux CANT do.

    Always at sea;

    Dr. Antonio Longo

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    Hi Tom,

    For what you are looking to have automated, yes, the Profilux can handle that for you.

    We highly recommend that you use sensors for AWC because they are your fail safes


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