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Thread: Wireless PAB Extension

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    Hi all,

    thread is a bit old but i habe a question to the CAN-Communication.

    Does anyone now something about the CAN-ID‘s used for sockets?

    I wanted to build a bigger screen to show information about the tank.

    Therefore it would be great to get infos about which sockets are on and off.
    I used a CAN-Sniffer to see the traffic on the bus but im not quite sure about which id stands for which sockets.

    So if anybody has information about this topic would be great to hear something about it.

    Special thanks,


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    Im about to restart/rebuild this project as I have started a new aquarium after having a break.

    Ill be doing an update of the design and making it a bit better using some newer microcontrollers. If anyone is interested Ill publish some progress over the next few weeks/months.
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    Hi CaptCrash,

    it would be nice to get some updates from time to time in this forum.


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    Hi for those that are following this.
    I have now had the link for wireless working for about 6 months without any issues (other than some power outages that are unrelated).

    My current features for the wifi link are as follows

    Two units are required to replace a PAB cable, so that you can convert (bridge) the PAB link to a Wifi network.
    The same rules as with a regular PAB network apply, in terms of daisy chained cabling (in and out of devices).
    The units can work via an existing Wifi network (existing wifi mode each being a wifi client)
    The units can operate their own Wifi network (standalone mode with one unit in AP mode, one unit in client mode).
    If the units are operating via an existing network they can be controlled via their web interface (reboot, automatic firmware update, logging on device and central log uploads)

    My current setup is as follows

    • Profilux first PAB connector ->
      • PAB power bar at marine tank ->
      • Wifi link (AP mode mode) -> Standalone WIFI link -> Wifi Link (client mode) ->
      • Expansion Box ->
      • PAB Powerbar at snake enclosure.

    • Profilux second PAB connector ->
      • Wifi link (client mode) -> Connect to existing Wifi Network -> Wifi link (client mode) ->
      • PAB Powerbar =>
      • Profilux Touch outside at RO and salt water drums

    This lets me do the following with the two Wifi links (only really doing the two this way to test things, will soon convert to both using the existing wWifi).

    1. No cables through the house or outside
    2. Lets me use the same automation for the various locations (marine tank, snake enclosure and water systems)
    3. Provides a platform to add other features in the future

    My intended additional features for sometime in the future are
    • Firmware update tool
      • Using the device to replay firmware updates to an attached PAB device.
      • This would stop the need to connect things one at a time back to the aquarium controller
      • changes would be a battery pack being needed and an interface of some sort (currently web interface to phone)

    • Home integration addon
      • Allowing commands/events to be sent on the PAB network initiated from the Wifi link (eg, Im home type events to change lighting patters/colours for better viewing)

    If anyone is interested in a pair of these, please let me know.
    Im going to do another run of them for a friend, so I would be happy to make a few.
    At this stage I expect the cost to be AUD$120 - $140 each, but if I can get to 20 or 30 units, I expect to be more like $50 or $60 each plus shipping.
    Im going to order parts in November, delivery will be December/January to me, January/February shipping from me (depending on shipping times etc).
    If I can do a batch I expect to be able to bring this down a fair bit, hopefully less than $AUD 100 per unit with shipping.
    Happy to take expressions of interest and tighten up the costs once I have an idea on quantities.

    Its been a long time coming but its pretty solid and ready to go out in the world.
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    Stay up to date with my efforts at Blue Tang Breeding here and Mccullochi Clownfish Breeding here

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