GHL is delighted to inform our customers that myGHL BETA has just reached a new level of quality and stability! In preparation for the introduction of myGHL for ProfiLux, the entire platform has been redesigned to give you the best possible experience. Such improvements will create a solid foundation for the ProfiLux and future releases of myGHL-Ready devices.

This upgrade involves changing our cloud service and therefore all myGHL users are asked to create a new account.

The switch will be performed September 14, 2015 – September 16, 2015 and therefore myGHL will be offline during that time. After this date, you may continue enjoying myGHL.

To use your GHL Doser 2 with the new platform, you will need to update your GHL Doser 2 to firmware version 1.13 and add the device to myGHL.

Your GHL team