It turned out, that the previous method - publishing and discussing customer's wishes in a public forum - unfortunately also can cause some problems.
This let us decide to handle customer's wishes in the future in a different manner,..

We closed the old section "customer's wishes", those wishes had been saved in the internal wishes database from GHL.

In the future we would like to get your wishes by email, please send your email to:
Please write briefly but clearly what you exactly wish, what product is affected, and if possible also how it could be implemented in an easy and efficient way in your opinion.

After checking the wish it will be transferred automatically to our database, if possible it will be fulfilled later.

Please note:
We gladly take your wishes, if practicable and making sense we try to fulfill it - our products grow with the customers needs and requirements.
GHL is trying to satisfy as many wishes as possible, but please understand there is no guarantee that a wish will be fulfilled.

We ask you for your understanding that it is not possible to give a feedback to the mentioned wishes due to large amount of them.