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Thema: Profilux temperature stuck at 20C

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    Standard Profilux temperature stuck at 20C

    I have a Profilux II Plus and PT 1000 temperature sensor. The sensor shows temperature of +20.0C +-0.3C regardless of what the temperature actually is. I've placed the sensor in hot water and cold water and the temperature is always between 19.7-20.3C. I bought the item used a few months back and it worked normally for the previous owner. I thought the sensor might have broken when I moved it in and bought a new one, but it shows exactly the same temperature! Is it my Profilux that is actually broken, or is there some other explanation for this "getting stuck at about 20C"?

    Recalibrate? Return factory settings? What should I try?

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    I believe this is the default if the profilux does not recognise if a probe is installed.
    The socket on the ps2 plug is very problematic and on some is quite loose. This has caused issue with some people. Just wiggling the plug can connect/disconnect!
    On others they have had to make sure the plug is pushed in firmly.
    It could be a broken wire in the cable, but as you have 2 probes I don't think this would be it?
    Call me Paul !
    Note: I am not GHL staff!

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    Ok, I think the Profilux control unit is to blame. I tried wiggling the plug, but the only temperature readings I get are either +40C (if disconnected) or +20C (if connected), with both the old and the new sensor. What can I do to solve this? Just buy a new control unit? Any cheaper options available?

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    Have you recalibrate the sensor at the PL2?
    (Sensor Settings/Temperature)
    from the Programming Guide:
    Temperature sensor
    This calibration function depends on the fact if it is an internal (onboard) temperature sensor input.
    Internal (onboard) temperature sensor input
    The factory calibration is restored and a possibly existing compensation for a cable extension (see 2.17 Extension) is
    reset – ProfiLux then assumes that there is no extension cable.


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