Equip your tank now with perfect technology!

Your tank desires the best available LED illumination technology and the reliable and multiple awarded aquarium controller ProfiLux 3.
With our High-Power LED-pendant you will get an amazing coral and plant growth, the manifold simulation features allow a very natural illumination. ProfiLux supports you in many tasks, like measuring and controlling of important water parameters, pump control, level control and so much more. The wireless connection between ProfiLux and Mitras LX eases the handling and offers many features.

When ordering one or more Mitras LX and a Profi-Set, Premium-Set, Mega-Set or Ultimate-Set at the same time you can save much money:

  • You get for each Mitras LX in this bundle 15% discount - no matter how many Mitras LX you order!
  • Additionally you get a wireless-card PLM-PWC for free - for the wireless communication of ProfiLux and Mitras!

Learn more about our ProfiLux-Sets and Mitras LX.

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  • This offer expires at 06/15/2015
  • Only valid when one ProfiLux Set and one or more Mitras LX are ordered at the same time.

Separate orders can't be discounted subsequently.