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    Doser 2 slave want let me regulate speed.

    Hi, I uppgradet my firmware from 6.19 to 6.38. When I tryed to transmit data file from computer to profilux with the old settings, I get a massage that there where a upgrade in 6.26 on the doser that...
  2. Yes, thats in order. But i dont know how to...

    Yes, thats in order. But i dont know how to connect my two pumps. Assain them to the controller
  3. VorThec MP40 and VorTechController connections problems

    Cant find a manual, all links are Not Found. Have no ideas how to do this right.
    I need to know with button to press, the pumps are new quiet drive.
    Firmware VorTechController 1.03
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