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    IOND Status


    Can we have an update on the ION director please? Is it ready for shipping? If not, would it be possible to provide an estimate of when the product will be ready?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Possibility of implementing a POST request to a 3rd party URL?


    This is more of a proposal but i believe it would be great if Profilux was able to transmit data (same data with the email feature) to a 3rd party URL. For example an HTTP POST request...
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    How to properly store an unused KHD?


    Following the question above, what are the proper maintance steps that we should perform in case that we need to remove the KHD from our system for some time (6+ months).
    I was thinking...
  4. Ok, crystal clear now, thank you so much for the...

    Ok, crystal clear now, thank you so much for the assistance.
  5. Hi, thanks for the quick reply. So just to...

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
    So just to verify, the adjusted rate shows the amout of ml already added on the dosings while the calculated adjustment shows the amount that was added on the...
  6. Doser 2.1 - Question on Add-On control and Caluclated Adjustment


    Quick question regarding the Calculated Adjustment per dosing value located on the dosing pump overview.

    I have noticed that after a sucessfull test with the KHD the Calculated...
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