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  1. Touch screen not responding accurately, possible to align the coordinates?


    I have been using the touch screen for quite some time, notice that the touch accuracy is moving mis-align, and it seems to get worse over time.

    For instance, on the screen, of I touch...
  2. Possibe to convert a stand alone dosage pump to a 'slave pump'


    I have earlier purchase a stand alone dosage pump.

    Just wonder, it it is possible to buy replacement parts to replace it to a 'slave' pump.

    I have to change my dosage regularly, it will...
  3. Antworten

    Need help in getting replacement parts


    It is quite unfortunate that some rain water slips onto my Profilux III-Ex. As a whole, it is still working.

    However, the board attached to it ( the Redox/Conductivity, and the other one,...
  4. Hi Gunther, Thanks for responding. Yes, I have...

    Hi Gunther,

    Thanks for responding. Yes, I have validated that the probe is indeed connected to the Redox input port.
  5. Calibrating the Redox probe shows ADC = 000 with Null Plug and 220mv Cal Fluid


    Need some help here with the Redox PRobe calibration on the Profilux 3Ex.

    I have tried to calibrate the Redox Probe, when I insert the null plug, it shows 000 after a while.

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