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  1. Ion Director set up showing as KH Director set up in Control

    Hi GHL Support Forum Team!

    This is a bit of a strange one... :confused:
    As I am trying to complete the installation of the ION D from the ProfiLux 4 Webinterface, in the Control menu, the ION D...
  2. Options to plug in new device to ProfiLux 4 once 2 PAB ports already in use

    Hi GHL Support Community,

    I purchased a Ion Director that I received a few weeks ago.
    Today, as was planning to install it, I realised that I didn't have a PAB port available on my ProfiLux 4....
  3. Update: I found the solution to my problem! In...

    Update: I found the solution to my problem!

    In the configuration for the Control circuit, at the very bottom of the window, the drop-down menu to assign Level (1 /2, 3 /4...) to sensor no. 2 only...
  4. 2-sensor ATO Min-Max control: Do I need a Level Sensor Splitter cable?

    Hi everyone!

    I am trying to set up an ATO system to top off the RODI water reserve that compensates the water evaporation of my main tank.

    I have dully followed the tuto for How to setup ATO...
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