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  1. Hi Dumaurier, sorry that I missed your...

    Hi Dumaurier,

    sorry that I missed your question - I rarely visit the forum.

    What I eventually did is that for starters I indeed simply drilled holes into the Z-holder and hung the lightbar with...
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    Help! My Lightbar stopped working!


    My 2 years old Mitras Lightbar suddenly stopped working - it just doesn't produce any light anymore. My setup consists of a single 150 cm Daylight lightbar, a 100 W Power Supply Unit, and the...
  3. Thanks, Pit! Will try this.

    Thanks, Pit! Will try this.
  4. How to hang Mitras Lightbar from the ceiling?

    Hello everybody. My first post in the forum after receiving a box of GHL goodies yesterday :-)

    I have purchased a 160 cm Mitras lightbar (Daylight) for my South-American cichlid tank which is 200...
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