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  1. Hello, Due to no answer so far, I have achieved...

    Due to no answer so far, I have achieved the function by myself thru testing the function (settings options and status of output) of each event and gate.
    The following is the actual...
  2. Skimmer Control (12 hrs pause) by Programmable Logic

    Could anyone please help me to set up a programmable logic function for my skimmer?
    What I’m intending is as follows.
    When I feed coral food and hit feed pause 1 (FP1) at around 23:00, the...
  3. Antworten

    Hi, Have you resolved this problem? For the...

    Have you resolved this problem?
    For the reference to others, I'd like to write my experience here.
    The symptoms my KHD were very similar with those explained in this thread.

    First of all, I...
  4. P4 latest Firmware update - No GHL logo on P4

    The GHL logo led of my P4 does not come on after updating the newest version of firmware.

    Couple of weeks ago, I updated the F/W version V720 dated 21/03/2019 and the GHL logo did not...
  5. I opened my P4 and I tried to detach the...

    I opened my P4 and I tried to detach the extension board and fit agin.
    While I fulled the board out, some of pins of the multi-pin connector connecting to the main board disconnected from the...
  6. [QUOTE=MatthiasF;87016]Hello, ~~~~ Hi Matt,...

    [QUOTE=MatthiasF;87016]Hello, ~~~~

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your kind support!!
    I'm doing installation of the extension board again as I did initially during the weekend. And I write again the...
  7. [Question] pH 2 disappeared from Profillux 4

    Hi, everybody.
    I'm a new member of the forum.
    I recently set up profilux 4 ultrimate set and now I'm commissioning and programming the system for my 600L sps reef tank.

    I have an extension board...
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