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  1. Unfortunately it would not be straight and level....

    Unfortunately it would not be straight and level. The storage tank for the fresh saltwater would be in my garage. The water has to go from that up to the ceiling/attic(2.5-3M up), across the attic...
  2. Maxi Doser questions for Auto Water changes

    I'm in the process of setting up my Auto Water change station. I have to move water about 15 meters from my mixing station to my tank. Then I have to move the water from my tank to a nearby drain (15...
  3. Good job, thanks for posting the follow up. This...

    Good job, thanks for posting the follow up. This could be useful for me in the future.
  4. Thank you and I understand. However I wrote...

    Thank you and I understand. However I wrote several military guides and technical manuals in the past. We had to break instruction down to the lowest level possible. Just my perspective.
  5. Profilux 4 resource guide error/omission found.

    During the REDOX probe calibration I found it omits the step to reconnect the probe. I’m pretty sure the probe needs to be reconnected after step 7 but the steps omit the reconnection of it and...
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    KH director Reagent questions

    How much reagent comes with the KH director?
    What’s the average usage of the reagent over a year?
    Can another companies reagent work if GHLs reagent isn’t available?
    What's the shelf life of the...
  7. 90 degree plug and computer style plug and socket on Powerbars. US-Canada style

    I would like to see the US/Canada Powerbar 6e come with a 90 degree male plug on it. Also on the Powerbar side it would be nice to have the 3 prong computer powersupply style socket. But at the very...
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    A single powersupply for All.

    How about a powersupply that all the boxes can plug into? 1 cord, to plug into 1 outlet.

    Essentially, plug the Profilux, KH director, Ion Director, 2 4 pump standard dosers with room for a 3rd. I...
  9. Can the Propellercontrol drive more than 1 fan unit? Are the fan mounts adjustable?

    Based off my light mounting configuration I need to run 2 fan units. So I have 2 questions.

    1. Can the Propellercontrol 2.1 control two fan units? Independent or synchronized?

    2. Are the...
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    PERFECT, thank you very much!

    PERFECT, thank you very much!
  11. Antworten

    Thanks for the fast response, however I'm new to...

    Thanks for the fast response, however I'm new to GHL programing can you please provide more details on what you are suggesting?
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    Low water alert?

    I have the optical level sensor and mount. I was going to use it for an ATO system. But instead I went with a Tunze ATO. So now I have this sensor available for a me to repurpose it. I would like to...
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    News-updates-changes section

    How about a section that GHL posts what changes are coming, new items, update information. Basically one section that has all the new things going on with GHL and the products they make.
  14. Antworten

    Smaller Flow sensors

    Would love to see flow sensors that were half the length. As is fitting the present sensor into tight spaces is tough.
  15. Antworten

    Would like to hide illumination menu.

    Since I don’t use the GHL lights I would like to hide the Illumination menu. I use Ecotech.
  16. New question on this issue.. in the Ipad App, I’m...

    New question on this issue.. in the Ipad App, I’m not seeing the Vortech menu. Is this enabled in the app?
  17. No idea what I did to fix this problem. But this...

    No idea what I did to fix this problem. But this morning upon booting up my PC and logging on to the GHL in GCC the menu was there.
  18. Vortech controller not showing in menu

    I connected my Vortech controller to the PAB port on my last powerbar. I assigned/added to the controller but I’m not seeing the Vortech interface menu. I'm running the latest firmware and control...
  19. Does the SA doser retain it’s sensor capability in Slave mode?

    I am considering getting a SA doser to add to my Profilux 4e. The reason I am considering the SA is because of the additional sensor ports. But before I get it I was wondering if the SA sensor ports...
  20. Create a connection tree (Visio chart) of all the components.

    Could you create a connection chart of all the items you sell and how we can connect them together? Please include which cable is required to connect Item X to Item Y.
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