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  1. Profilux 4 impossible to connect to WiFi network

    Hello, I'm having several problem to connect a Profilux 4 controller to wifi network. I try static IP, DHCP, but nothing seems like working. The wifi status is down and the router can't assign a new...
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    Profilux 4 crazy touch buttons

    I'm having problems with the menu touch buttons... In other words sometimes the menu scrolls autonomously as if I continuosly press buttoms, and when I use it is not possible to command the...
  3. Very good thankyou so much!

    Very good thankyou so much!
  4. Connect multi myGHL accounts to the same controller

    I have to connect more than one myGHL accounts to the same controller, a Profilux 4 in my case. At first, after a new controller installation, it seemed working well with more accounts on different...
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