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04.03.2015, 03:12
Is there a step by step walk through on how to not only hook up the wireless card but how do we use it in the profilux 3 software.

04.03.2015, 03:52
Check Michael's aqua digital channel on YouTube. Some very informative videos there on how to instal cards and how to download FW.

Always at Sea

04.03.2015, 04:00
I did see a couple videos but nothing on how to connect it step by step and then how to actually use it in the profilux software. Also I tried again and I get a message saying I have more then 12 set points. I did make the light the slave but couldn't figure out how to make the profilux the master.

04.03.2015, 07:06
since there is nothing to do than to insert the card there is no step-by-step manual

install the card, power ProfiLux, ready

from there on ProfiLux is automatically master

as soon as you have the setup ProfiLux with PLM-PWC (Master) <-> one or more Mitras (Slave) ProfiLux takes over the control, Mitras follows the illumination settings of ProfiLux

-> create your lightcomposer-project for the ProfiLux

04.03.2015, 10:08
What card? Is there any good instruction video for setting up a profilux computer? I found the manual that came with it totally use less!

04.03.2015, 10:11
where to connect the Mitras light etc. Basic stuff :)

05.03.2015, 03:26
well what I meant by step by step was getting the project i have already on the light into the profilux? I take the mitras and set it to slave I then see the red light flashing and the green light on steady. i then open up the profilux and see the project and click illumination to light. then i get a error message that says more then 12 set points.

is there a start to finish on getting the wireless card to work and programing the light to an existing project is what i really need.

is there a video for this?

again many thanks still learning and I haven't even go to connecting to the PAB yet LOL

05.03.2015, 06:26
ah, this is where you are struggling at ... ProfiLux suports only 12 dimming points because he has to manage 32 dimming ramps at the same time (Mitras only 9)
and we had not the time to rewrite this part of the ProfiLux firmware

this means: reduce you illumination runs to 12 points

but usually this should be enough since you need only the end points of the dimming processes, all points between are calculated

if you want to know if Profilux and Mitras are talking to each other then try to manual change the brightness in ProfiLux, the lamp should react
how: just edit a dimming point in the light composer, click "direct output to lamp" and move the sliders

no there is no video yet, but we are working on many videos right now