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14.02.2015, 21:37

i just recieved my two Mitras LX 6000 for my planted tank freshwater.(160*60*60cm tank).

Im very impressed with the light output, and i have started with a slow ramp up for my plants to adjust to the new lights.

Im not sure i have installed them in the most efficient manner though. Is there any data on the light spread showing install orientation ? there is a tiny image on the product page but it does not show orientation and its also very low res. i do have a PAR meter but im trying to save some time. :)

Thank you for a very impressive product.

Also: can i upgrade the clusters to saltwater version if i one day go down the saltwater line ?

Best Regards

15.02.2015, 09:00
36x36", there is loads of information here from mitras owners.


15.02.2015, 17:17
Thank you.