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27.11.2014, 11:09

Save 25% on many accessories!


sensors and relating accessories
all powerbars
SMS units
expansion cards
expansion module
pump control accessories (e.g. for Tunze®, EHEIM®, EcoTech®, Koralia®)
illumination accessories
CO2 solenoid

Get your 25% discount Till 11/30/2014 (for new orders only)

Ask your retailer or visit our shop (http://aquariumcomputer.us6.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=f3e48140abb2d5593145d1457&id=a4ee5a56b6&e=8b9d71f38c)

Your GHL Team

01.12.2014, 05:58
Retailers here in the US would not fulfill this sale for me.

15.12.2014, 14:02
ALL people that contacted us personally (every single person) was told to inform us what they required and we would pre order it for them. I would be interested which retailer would not fulfill this? Please email your reply to info@ghlna.com

The people that replied will have their discounted goods delivered by the end of 2014.

We understand there is a shortfall however in dealers willing to physically stock accessories as there are so many and they have always been concerned with the risk of dead stock, but some good news is coming everyones way for 2015. Our great new very large and productive retailer Premium Aquatics have agreed to act as the GHL accessory go to site where not only will they list all products they also will have physical stock, instead of drop shipping from our warehouse. This is fantastic news and gives a one stop shop for all accessories. In this also they will be bound to any discounts GHL may offer from time to time so no situation can exist where someone can say they could not get the discount.

Michael Aqua Digital Inc
GHL North America.