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05.11.2014, 17:54
I have a PWC trying to control 3 Mitras, this has been no end of problems since i first got the PWC, it worked when i first got it then when i went try change things a while later it didnt work, i eventually got it to work after hours of messing around. At the weekend i had to unplug Mitras #2 & #3 and these have not been controlled since, they work if manually programmed but will not respond to PWC, as it happens PWC will no longer make any changes to Mitras #1.

I had similar issues a few months back and eventually (for no rational reason) it started working again, for a short time.... http://forum.aquariumcomputer.com/showthread.php?9201-I-cant-work-this-one-out

I have checked and doubled checked each setting around PWC channel & address, i have even moved the PWC to another slot in the Profilux and its still not working....

Earlier i upgraded the firmware from 1.16 to 1.17 to see if that works and now none of the 3 lights are controllable and i am getting really annoyed with this now.

The pwc card has no bent pins or anything obviously wrong with it, the red LED flashes all the time but no matter what i do i cant get the lighting composer to output settings to the Mitras.

Am i doing something wrong? am i missing something? or is there a fault somewhere?

06.11.2014, 19:18
Last night i did factory resets on all 3 Mitras lights, i tried to program them again but no luck.

I woke up this morning to find all 3 lights on, i have no idea what lighting schedule they are on but they are on so i guess that's progress?!?! i have tried a number of times today to program to my lighting schedule but no luck.

Do GHL have any product support?

06.11.2014, 20:22
Have you made the profilux the master and made the lamps all slaves, I'm not stating the obvious I hope,

06.11.2014, 21:21
Yes, i have done this,
P3 assumes master and is addressed as device #1 on Channel 11,
Mitras 1 is set as slave, addressed as device #2 on Channel 11
Mitras 2 is set as slave, addressed as device #3 on Channel 11
Mitras 3 is set as slave, addressed as device #4 on Channel 11

Last time i tried this i ended up changing all to a different channel to rule out any interference issues but it didnt make any difference so after a few factory resets i just reverted back to channel 11.

GHL Support
07.11.2014, 13:17
i tried to program them again but no luck.

So you make the changes in your illumination run in GHL Control Center, but the lamps don't take over the changes -is this right?

07.11.2014, 13:30
That is correct, no matter what changes i make or what template i load the lights dont change, i have "transmitted illumination run" to lights and tried to"test the illumination run" and nothing happens.
The red light is flashing on the PWC so its getting power, its visible in System" tab so its recognised by Profilux.